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The Ultimate Zoom Chair

The Ultimate Zoom Chair

Let’s face it. Pandemic or post-pandemic, the convenience of online meetings have permanently changed the way we do work-talk. So, yup—that struggle to find a corner in your house that meets your professional worth and a chair that doesn’t torment your back halfway through the meeting, is very real and will stay real. Since this March when the world turned upside down, we’ve been noticing a steady interest in ApiHappi beanbags as the preferred seat for extended online appearances from work meetings to lectures. Why? We wondered the same thing, and this is what we found out.

The key factor in determining the ultimate zoom chair is that perfect level of comfort giving both ease and alertness; it’s somewhere between level 100 (straight backed robot) and 0 (complete sloth). Your regular computer chair or dining chair might work for a quick fifteen minute catch-up with a teammate, but trying to lean up the natural curve of a human spine on a hard, straight object for a long time doesn’t end well. Meanwhile your couch or sofa, that has been designed to sink you into hours of binge watching and naps, tend to get you into serious slouching or worse, nodding off while the boss is speaking. With ApiHappi beanbags what we go for is a solid level 72 (sharp and shiny), that comes from our signature shape that allows you to stay comfortably seated (even cross-legged!) while keeping your neck and back supported to stay upright for a long while. We think this is why our beanbags became so popular as working chairs in corporate offices and cafés, long before the lockdown.

So, here’s a little more about what we worked really hard to get ApiHappi going as the ultimate zoom chair for many. Being a low seater bringing your knees closer to your heart level, ApiHappi beanbags facilitate improved blood circulation. It keeps your organs and brain better stimulated, because it becomes easier for your heart to pump blood throughout. A yogi friend tells us that our beanbags are great for postures that facilitate better back-health and concentration, like sitting cross legged with your legs folded in evenly.

Another great thing about ApiHappi beanbags being the surface that your buttocks interact with the most, is that it is a soft cushion that absorbs pressure. Sitting on hard surfaces like wood, metal or plastic for long periods is one of the main reasons for building up hip and lower back pressure. Doctors recommend sitting on well padded surfaces, and it doesn’t get more cushiony than a beanbag covered in handloom. There’s something else too. Working on a beanbag allows a certain degree of free movement for your limbs, which seems to have a way of breaking down your mental barriers to make you feel more agile, open and creative; like we’ve said before, we’ve had more A-ha moments on beanbags than anything else. 

Needless to say (but we do anyway), all these things lead to better productivity and work quality. We also have people telling us how ApiHappi beanbags score high in the aesthetics department, making them quite useful in this day and age, when that square view of you on the corner of the screen is pretty much your only visual persona known to many. So, make it work, make it count, grab an Apihappi beanbag, and get down to business.

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