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Having your ApiHappi beanbag shipped worldwide is as easy as sitting on one!

Having your ApiHappi beanbag shipped worldwide is as easy as sitting on one!

Some people who discover their beanbag soulmate with ApiHappi and fall in love, sadly never get to enjoy sipping a glass of wine on the object of their affections. That’s because too often, it’s assumed that there’s no way these big beauties can make it all the way from Sri Lanka. Fair enough— the thought of getting a giant blob of cushion from one corner of the world to another does seem like an expensive and complicated enough affair. But really, it isn’t. 

When we first started a few years ago, we had friends around the world wanting to have an ApiHappi beanbag at their home. We weren’t quite sure ourselves on how to get these big blobs of comfort to them; until our friend Sydney, in Wyoming, asked to have an ApiHappi beanbag cover shipped, so that she could fill it up on her own. This gave us the brainwave of shipping ApiHappi cover flatpacks internationally; And just like that, meeting their beanbag soulmate became a reality to folks all over the world.

Apart from taking the ApiHappi experience global, what we really liked about this idea is getting people excited about filling up their own beanbag. Turns out, a lot of people loved the idea of getting creative, DIYing and even making full-on family operations out of filling up their beanbag. It became an opportunity to have fun, and also really learn about your options when it came to filling up a beanbag. 

This also gave us a chance to make conversation about beanbag fillings with our customers—which is something that ApiHappi is constantly improving and brainstorming new ideas for. With Amazon and other similar operations, it is possible to order all types of beanbag fillings from eco-friendly and super-comfy makes, to the most common polystyrene beads. Yes, polystyrene is not biodegradable, and we always endorse more eco friendly options. However, the upside of the regular polystyrene beads is that they are not a single use plastic. Even after your beanbag goes flat you can just add more beads to bring it back to life, instead of completely replacing the old ones. But, IF you are ever forced to dispose of your beanbag due to some unfortunate situation (RIP beanie), remember to recycle the polystyrene beads, which can be used for various other products.

So, if you meet your beanbag soulmate with ApiHappi, know that it’s meant to be despite the distance and hit that ‘Buy’ button. When we ship your ApiHappi cover, it’ll come to you in a large envelope (including the waterproof inner cover and the handloom outer cover), no matter where you are in the world. Once we’ve set your soulmate sailing your way, we also send you the ApiHappi comfort guide where you access the complete instructions on how to fill up the beanbag and set it to optimal levels of comfort. Beanbag fillings can be located easily, and we can guide you when it comes to finding environmentally responsible alternatives. So, get ready to have fun, and for the ultimate rite of passage to initiate yourself into a lifetime of lounging when filling up your beanbag soulmate.
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