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Our Story

Our Story

The ApiHappi Story

We started ApiHappi in 2014 with a dream to revitalize the art of handloom and empower creative artisans in Sri Lanka by combining fresh ideas with ancient traditions. Originally we started off using handloomed cotton to make stringy bags. As time went on customers, friends, and family started asking us to make beanbags.

So eventually, Aparna did some research and came up with a beanbag design that would really bring out the handloom colours while have an upright, ergonomic feel. It turns out people really loved handloom beanbags and ever since then we have been providing them to individual customers as well as cafe's, hotels, and retreats. For a fun and in-depth look at our journey please check our kickstarter video from 2019 below. 

What's in the ApiHappi Name?

Actually the name ApiHappi has two meanings. "Api" in Sinhala means "we", and since this is a community project created to bring people together for a greater purpose, the we though ApiHappi would be ideal. Also Aparna is often referred to as "Api" and our first dog's name is "Happi". 

Cats, Dogs, and Fish!

Much of our energy and inspiration is drawn from our zoo of pets. Between the workshop and our home we have 3 dogs, 10 cats, and vast amount of various fish under our care. For more on our animal kingdom please check our instagram - @apihappi 

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