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The ApiHappi Comfort Guide

The ApiHappi Comfort Guide

How the Beanbag looks when you receive it.

  • Our beanbags ship in an easy flat pack. The inner cover and the outer cover are folded together. Once received you can fill our waterproof inner cover with any beanbag filling of your choice. 
  • (We usually use polystyrene beads for filling, and we use about 250L to 275L per bag) Quite a few varieties of beanbag stuffing are available at an affordable price in most countries. 

Hassle-free Maintenance 

  • Our beanbags, when filled with regular polystyrene beads, are light enough for you to move them to your preferred comfy spot any time! 
  • Each beanbag comes with the cotton lined, handloom cotton outer cover with a large zip. And to hold the stuffing, we have the waterproof inner cover - with a small, lockable zip. This makes it sure that the filling is safe from moisture and from small damages caused by sharp objects or pet nails etc., while it is also easy to remove the handloom outer cover and pop it in the washing machine whenever necessary!

The best ways to sit

The symmetrical design of the ApiHappi beanbag gives you multiple ways to sit and multiple ways to highlight the different colours of your bean bag!

  • The regular tear-drop shape allows you to sit at ground level and upright with perfect back support for anything from working, reading, eating and for even a nap! This features the colours on top and the other will be accented from the bottom
  • If you flip it so that the zip is parallel to the floor, this allows both the colours to be visible with the same upright support
  • You can keep the beanbag upright in a quicker standing-seat. This is best arranged if the beanbag is propped on a wall with the large zip facing the ceiling, and you can lean/sit on the top maybe during a quick phone conversation or while enjoying the first glass of wine at a gathering (trust me you want the comfy position after 3 glasses because this seat requires some balance and co-ordination!!!)
  • And well, it’s your beanbag, you will find your most ideal way you’d like to curl up in it, in no time.

Now, how do I fill this?!

Selecting and purchasing the filling

  • There are many options for beanbag stuffing available online or in the nearest department store/homeware store. If you are purchasing online just search "beanbag filling" or "polystyrene beads" on Amazon. 
  • We in Sri Lanka have limited options and for now we use the 0.5mm Polystyrene Beads for our filling.
  • Some of our customers prefer to purchase a more luxury filling such a combination of Memory Foam and Polystyrene beads, where others who are more environmentally conscious have experimented with kinder options like Buckwheat. 
  • I would get 3 of 1kg (100L) bags of bean bag stuffing(polystyrene beads). After filling, you should have a little left in the third bag. Which means, that would be the suggested amount is 250L to 275L of filler per beanbag.
  • If overstuffed the bean bag becomes too stiff and a little uninviting for a while till the beans compress with use.

The process of filling (we are describing how we do it and we believe it’s the easiest way to go about this… but you can get creative with this process)

  • First and foremost, make yourself a large cone of sorts to make it super easy and tidy to pour in your selected filler. This could be a rolled boxboard or even a traffic cone! Just make sure that the smaller opening is no bigger than 4inches in diameter.
  • Make sure you grab a friend or a family member to help you with the process.
  • Find a safe, elevated place, like a sturdy chair/stool/staircase that one can stand on to pour the filling through the cone, while the other stands at the bottom holding the inner cover and the cone steadily.
  • Shake out and unfurl the inner cover and make sure it’s not stuck together with static. Sometimes sweeping it through the air helps.
  • Hold the bag upright with the small zip facing up and the full bag free and uncrumpled.
  • Put the smaller opening of the cone into the bag opening as furthest as it goes. And hold the opening tight (strangle a little) while holding the cone vertical.
  • Get your partner to gently pour in the filling in to through the cone.
  • When you have about reached 2.5 bags, stop, close the zip and try the beanbag out to see if it’s a full enough and comfy to sit in.
  • If not, pour in a little by little more, checking the comfort level.

Now for the cover.

  • Think putting on a huge non-stretchable tube sock on a Giant Sasquatch Foot!!!
  • Place the well stuffed inner cover upright with the zip on the floor and the Curvy shape facing upwards.
  • Turn the outercover inside-out but pinching the two corners of the curve from the inside. (your hands will be inside the beanbag)
  • Hold on to the two corners of the inner bag through the outercover so that you are holding on to both the inner and outer cover corners together with your hands. (you have to have all four covers grabbed in your hands)
  • Now, the friend has the roll out the cover along the beanbag about halfway.
  • Then flip the full beanbag so that the 2 zips face upwards and grab the outer cover along the zip opening and shake it till the inner cover is nice and snug inside.
  • Now hold the pointy corner of the inner cover and outer cover together close the zip of the outercover.
  • You will know that you have put the cover on properly as the two zips fall along the same line.
  • Close the outer zip fully and shake the full beanbag downwards to ensure that the beans fill out the front curve well.
  • Place the beanbag in your favorite position and plomp yourself to wipe off the sweaty brows and breathe in the fresh air of VICTORY!

YOU DID IT!!!!!!


  • If reading was soo complicated (I’m sure it was) Here's a little stuffing video we made for a friend's wedding..which you can check that out if you like.


We are in the process of making a more professional video at the moment. But we didn’t want to delay you in enjoying your beanbag.


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