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Enjoy the Comfort of Sustainable Design!

Ergonomically shaped, Handloomed Cotton Beanbags.

Made with Love in Sri Lanka

Why an ApiHappi Beanbag?

Super Comfy and Extra Strong

Our Handloomed cotton fabric from Sri Lanka, gives the soft comfort of 100% cotton while being very durable.

Versatile Design

Our ergonomic shape is comfy enough for an adult to take a nap but also upright and sturdy enough for someone to sit up and eat soup!

Easily Washable

Each beanbag comes with the cotton lined, handloom cotton outer cover and a waterproof inner cover to hold the stuffing. This makes it so easy to remove the handloom cover and pop it in the washing machine whenever necessary. 

A Vast Array of Colours

Our handloom cotton comes in hundreds of colors and design varieties, which allows us to provide bean bags to suit all tastes and personalities. 

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Handloom Cotton for a Sustainable World

The handloom is a zero-emission wooden machine that has been used in Sri Lanka for generations to create exquisite fabric. The fabrics are produced in many weights and strengths making them suitable for everything between soft clothes, saris, toys, curtains and upholstery. Our goal is to create a greater global demand for Handloomed Cotton, thereby supporting the craft itself. 

Quick Links

Testing Fabric Strength with Happi! (2014)

This was a fun video we made when we first started ApiHappi. Our original product was the stringy bag. Happi, our golden Child, was only a few months old at the time.

Handloom Highlights (2015)

A brief look into the craft of handloomed cotton.

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