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Spaces and places where ApiHappi beanbags make the story...

Spaces and places where ApiHappi beanbags make the story...

One of the most rewarding things about being a parent is seeing how your kids grow up, go places and do great things; this is exactly how we feel about our beanbag babies too. When we see them get purchased and loved as part of someone’s life, or a special element of a story told in an interesting space, we can’t help but get those proud-parent beams across our faces. These days, with new customers from around the world buying ApiHappi and seeing our babies going all kinds of places, we got a little nostalgic about how our beanbags have grown to become essential parts of many great spaces. So, here are some of our favourite places in Sri Lanka where the ApiHappi beanbags have been worked in perfectly to make some pretty special experiences.

The Mud House, Anamaduwa

Easily one of the coolest places we’ve been to here in Sri Lanka, the Mud House is all about living a life in nature using close-to-home, locally sourced materials. Everything from their location near the Wilpattu National Park, to the materials they choose to make their impressive mud houses and the food they cook, are all natural, honest to earth and good for you. So, we were pretty thrilled when the Mud House folks wanted to have ApiHappi beanbags as part of their story. What we really like about the way they used ApiHappi beanbags is how they were incorporated to make tasteful spaces that could be easily enjoyed by big groups. Basically, they’ve positioned our comfy beanbags with perfectly framed views, allowing your fam or pack of friends to just laze all day like a herd of happy mud buffalos, as nature washes over you in full definition. Stuff of dreams.

Tayo Bear, Colombo

Everyone who knows ApiHappi, even a little bit, would know how high up animals are in our favourite list (they currently occupy positions one, two, three, six, eight and ten). So, we were super excited to hear about Tayo Bear—one of the few ‘real’ pet cafés in Colombo where you can actually enjoy the experience without your furry friend having to feel like a second-class citizen. Our ApiHappi doggie beds made perfect sense at this little café and our bright handlooms worked nicely with their cheery interiors bringing in fun pops of colour. We still get a kick out of seeing both pups and people rolling around on ApiHappi doggie beds on Tayo’s insta feed. Feels great to be part of a place that humans and canines can visit together to enjoy.

The Spice Trail, Arugam Bay

Far, far away in the east coast of Sri Lanka, there’s a place by the name Spice Trail, where the ApiHappi beanbags have become part of crafting the finest family experiences in the bay. When the Spice Trail contacted us years back to get beanbags for each of their villas, we didn’t realise that our babies were being chosen to fulfill a very specific mission. With Spice Trail villas being spaces that were specially designed to host couples, little intimate groups and families, ApiHappi beanbags were used to create small lounge corners within the villas. Over the years, these beanbags have become where the Spice Trail’s guests would naturally gravitate to sip some wine together, read and Netflix a bit, or actually just enjoy their dad-would-approve decision to invest on a nice, air conditioned villa to hibernate during the hottest part of the day. 

There are many more great hotels, cafés, offices and stores throughout Sri Lanka, where ApiHappi beanbags have become staples in crafting a particular experience. Some of them are places we would never expect to see an ApiHappi beanbag, and they surprise us. But, at the end of the day, they are out there, making a story that we would have never thought of ourselves; and, a little like seeing your children grow up to do things you’re surprised and amazed by, it’s quite the trip to see how the things we make go out to the world to fulfill purposes and destinies beyond us. 

Well done beanbag babies. All those people everywhere unable to get up from that cushiony bliss—you’re making us proud.

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