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The Cigarette Filter Upcycling Project

The Cigarette Filter Upcycling Project

Welcome to the home of our Cigarette Filter Upcycling Project. On this page you can see our process, project goals, as well as our drop off locations!

A quick overview:

 Cigarette Filter Collection:

Although we are in the early stages of this project we are already beginning to collect cigarette butts from restaurants, hotels, offices as well as individuals. 

If you work in or own a business that would like to start collecting cigarette filters please contact Etosha directly and we can probably organize a scheduled pickup

Call or Whatsapp : +94 76 679 8231


If you are an individual who is interested in collecting cigarette butts please check out our drop-off locations. Currently our only drop-off location is our workshop in Nawala (Address Below) but we will be adding more convenient locations soon!

319 Nawala Road, Nawala  

Frequently Asked Questions:

- Are the cigarette filters clean  enough to be used as beanbag stuffing?

Yes! We put the cigarette filters through a rigorous cleaning process that ensures the they free of germs as well as smell.

- How serious is the environmental threat caused by the improper disposal of cigarette filters?

Cigarette filters litter is considered the most widespread pollutant in the world. Although numbers vary depending on the research organization, there is a consensus that an estimated 4 trillion cigarette filters are littered globally each year. Due to its inability to degrade filter pollution is know to cause water degradation, marine pollution, and soil degradation.

 - What makes cigarette filters ideal for beanbag filling?

Since cigarette filters do not degrade easily they can washed, dried, and deodorized thoroughly before losing there consistency. Even after the cleaning process the filters maintain there bouncy consistency which makes for a comfy beanbag. Right now we are experimenting with chopping up the purified filters to see what size would be most comfortable.

- Are there other possible uses for purified cigarette butts?

We believe with further experimentation we can find many more uses for purified filters. Some of those uses include padding for furniture, insulation materials, as well as multi-use packaging. 



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