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The ApiHappi state of mind

The ApiHappi state of mind

An occupational hazard of beanbag making is becoming die-hard advocates of relaxation; It’s what happens when you spend half your time brainstorming ways to make a comfortable seat even more snug and leisurely. But seriously, taking things easy is a way of life for the ApiHappi family too. We believe, and know through our own experiences, that taking the time to unwind is the way to decode life’s lessons and make the most of it. This attitude has played a big role in shaping our business, brand philosophy, and also in constantly improving the quality of our products. Here’s how, and why.

As creatives, taking a break from the hamster wheel is essential to us. Going somewhere we’ve never been before, trying new food, spending time with our inner circle, or simply finding time in nature to watch the world go by, has never failed to fuel our creative thinking and refill our reservoir of inspiration. Even at work, taking a short break to hang out with our furry muses has always helped us re-remember why we do what we do, and more importantly, why we love what we do. And, making time to daydream solo on a pile of handlooms or a beanbag has led us to more Aha moments than most brainstorm meetings have. As a business, we’ve learnt that a hard-and-fast rule of efficiency is not forcing decisions or work when we’re tired; the mistakes you make when you’re worn out cost more time to fix. And, when you’re in one of those jams, nothing hurts as much as knowing that if you just sat on a beanbag and chilled instead, the situation would be less of a mess.  

It’s not just our word; science also vouches for taking a break as one of the best ways to improve productivity, creativity and maintaining a healthier relationship with your goals. When you make yourself too busy to take a break, the healthy habits that keep our balance, like eating on time, exercising, and meeting the sleep quota, get ignored; and this is what begins that vicious cycle of stress, sickness and work backlog. 

For ApiHappi, all this is what makes off-time so meaningful. We’d even go as far as calling it our sacred time. Because it really is what lies at the heart of what we call the ‘ApiHappi state of mind’—a light, fun mindset we derive from the hakuna matata school of thought (you know, the world’s most highly respected problem-free philosophy). It helps us maintain those bright, joyful moods that have gone on to become the trademark of our beanbags and the ApiHappi brand itself. It reminds us that our work is not just about making furniture, but about making people feel good. It’s what makes ApiHappi, actually a happy experience to weave. 

So, if you take one piece of advice from us as experts of relaxation, make it this one about taking the time to step back, rest and enjoy. Cheers to handloom daydreams and beanbag Aha moments!

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