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ApiHappi Around the World!

ApiHappi Around the World!

It’s safe to say that 2020 is the year when we all spent the most amount of time at home. While we may never really know whether this was a good thing or a bad thing, what we definitely know is that making a comfier nest is now pretty high up in everyone’s priority list. This made us want to share some of our favourite retail partners whose collections are all about transforming homes to look and feel amazing. We've been lucky enough to get hand-picked by these fantastic curators, designers and retail brands to become part of their eclectic collections that make many beautiful homes around the world. 


When Pendi approached us a couple years ago, we weren’t sure whether we were more excited about being part of their super-cool store, or getting to know its super-cool founder Natalie Pendigrast. We instantly loved Natalie’s ability to pick out fascinating pieces from local creators around the island, and bring them together at the Pendi concept store in Colombo. We especially love how great Pendi is at combining ApiHappi beanbags with their signature lamps to curate the most perfect corners. 


Min and Tom—our friends and partners (often in crime as much as business) were among the first to take ApiHappi beyond Sri Lanka via their company Cozi Club. Their great international networks have landed our products in Abode Bangkok and Endless Summer in Phuket where ApiHappi’s fun colours and handwoven cotton textures made perfect sense with their styles. We also ventured out down under, to Australia where ApiHappiOz came to be through our enthusiastic friends Fernanda and Damon. 


We started retailing in the US through two very cool people—Rudy and Nalika, who brought us on to their unique lifestyle brand Monkey Mind in Long Beach, California. We love how they portray the value and richness of handloom through a really interesting collection of yoga mat bags, homeware, beanbags and a variety of other great products.  


We entered the European market through two wonderful stores—Catambo in Switzerland and Hyde and Seek in the UK. Our customer Maeva introducing us to her family business was the beginning of our partnership with the beautiful Catambo store in the city of Nyon. We felt that all the hard work we put into our online presence was finally paying off when the good people at Hyde and Seek in Exeter fell in love with our beanbags simply by discovering us online! Turns out, they are an award-winning gift shop in the UK, with an impressive collection sourced from around the world; a partnership we are very proud of.


At the heart of it all, what we love the most about all these great brands is how they inspire customers to bring out their own creativity to turn houses into homes. We really admire the lengths these brands go to for sourcing that perfect piece, and giving people access to more options and styles. At ApiHappi, we enjoy making people fall in love with their home; so, finding collaborators who believe in the same thing has made this journey doubly fun for us. That's why we are always open to linking up with new partners from all over the world. 

Got a cool store? Send us a hello. 

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