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Red Malachite/Charcoal Butterfly Chair


When it comes to the butterfly chair, cover material and frame ergonomics are everything. Being a chair designed for lounging, it’s really important that the cover material is comfortable. Needless to say, our favourite textile— handloom cotton, in all its comfy glory— was the material of choice for this. It doesn’t involve animal slaughter, and supports our local weavers. Win-win! Plus, the ApiHappi butterfly chair handloom covers allow easy washing, and come in a crazy variety of colours to match any palette.  Making sure it lasts the while, we even gave these covers extra strength by lining the handloom with solid cotton canvas.

Lightweight STEEL frame designed for comfortable reclining, easy assembly and compatibility with all colours (powder-coated matte black, baby!).

For local purchases the butterfly chair is available for 18,000LKR.

For additional colours please message us on social media or email