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The Gift Machine

We take the stress out of buying gifts!


Have no idea what to get someone as a gift?

no worries..We love coming up with unique gift ideas and making them ourselves.


Cool things about our gift machine:

1.All our gifts will be made out of our authentic Handloom Material

2.We actually sit in circle and brainstorm about cool ideas just for all our products will be completely one of a kind.

3.We work on your budget.


How it works:

1.Fill out the Gift Machine form below, where you must provide info about the person receiving the gift and your budget.

2.We will sit in a circle and brainstorm about cool gift ideas and send them to you asap.

3.Once you confirm which idea you want to purchase we will send you a secure online payment page(we accept all major cards and payapal.)

4.Then we will get to work on your product and mail it to your doorstep.


Click Here For The Gift Machine Form