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All About Apihappi

The ApiHappi Dream
Our dream is to revitalize the art of handloom and
empower creative artisans in Sri Lanka by combining
fresh ideas with ancient traditions.  
The Handloom is a manual machine that is used by
weavers in Sri Lanka to create authentic material.
We purchase this material from a variety of ethical
handloom groups around Sri Lanka. Then we use
community sourced artisans to create products that
we love. After doing so we put our products online
making them accessible to anyone in the world. 
Meet Our Team:

Company Info

UK Address:

107 Garrick Close, Ealing, London W5 1AT

Sri Lanka Address:

319 Nawala Road, Nawala. 10100

Co-Founders: Etosha Lankatilleke, Aparna Samarakoon

Company Director UK: Savithri Lankatilleke