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Colour Talk: a closer look at ApiHappi Colour Philosophy.

Colour Talk: a closer look at ApiHappi Colour Philosophy.

The way we like colour is usually bold, fun and cheerful. But, that doesn’t mean we don’t love that easy quiet of earth tones or how cool and minimal monochromes look. This open colour philosophy is probably why ApiHappi is known to have something for everyone. Here’s a look at our colour ranges, and the things we’ve understood about what they bring into people’s lives and spaces.

Shades of blue are among the most popular at the ApiHappi store, with our ocean colours being the bestsellers; and we know why. Blue is the colour of peace, serenity and it carries a sense of ‘friendliness’ that most people love to bring into their home. Blues are very conducive to calming practices like yoga, and to building peaceful cocoon-like moods. It’s true what they say—blue is the warmest colour. (Shades of Blue Collection)

Yellows are cheerful, happy and make us think of sunny June mornings. Vincent Van Gogh said it’s the wonderful colour that stands for the sun—and we couldn’t agree more. Oranges are more intense, bringing in creativity and excitement into a room; while red is the strongest in this side of the colour spectrum, bringing in strength, energy and a tone of rebellion with its ability to get you up and going to change things. We find pink brings joyful, fun and refreshing tones into spaces while sitting on a big purple beanbag tends to be strangely soothing. Green is one of the more difficult colours to match with a space, but when you do, it has an incredible ability to bring in tranquility and safety; how can you not trust the colour of trees, right? These are some of the favourite shades you’ll find in our beanbag categories ‘Pop of colour’ and ‘Solid colours’.

As much as we love bright colours and combinations that make us think of big, tropical moods inspired by Sri Lanka, we also find earthy neutrals absolutely beautiful. They are grounding and have an amazing ability to open up spaces, like vast deserts or long beaches. As we live more city lives disconnected from nature, we think there’s a growing nostalgia for being in touch with it; and we see more and more people going for earthy tones with pops of yellow and green. You’ll find some great examples in our ‘Earthy’ beanbag color range. 

Monochromes, whites and greys are definitely the urban minimal favourites. We love their ability to sit coolly in your living room, without ever picking fights with your wall art, pet or anything else for that matter; they blend in with everyone and everything. If you love the minimalist movement, our Monochrome range is where you need to be looking.

All colours are beautiful, but they are very, very different in their effects. Whenever someone is not sure about what colours they want, we always recommend to go with their gut; because colours are a very abstract language and when it comes to abstractions, your intuition is your best friend. If you’re still not sure, ask us; we’re pretty good at this business of picking colours.

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