ApiHappi Update: Free Global Shipping, Pet Products, and more...

Posted on October 08, 2015 by Etosha Lankatilleke | 1 comment

1. Free Shipping: After being in business for over a year and listening carefully to our customers we are proud to announce that we will be offering FREE GLOBAL SHIPPING for all purchases made online!

2. Pet Products: As you may know we are all about bringing together fun ideas and implementing them using handloomed cotton. Upon the request of a few of our retailers we have been busy designing a whole new range of PET PRODUCTS!! this includes everything from cat/dog carrier bags to harnesses and leashes.. We will be releasing them slowly through our blog so look out for them!! 

3. More Fun Stuff: In case you havent seen it yet..ApiHappi is a featured artisan on GlobeIn.com. Globe In is an awesome company that creates monthly gift boxes that contain handmade goodies from all over the world. Thanks to them our bags have traveled to San Francisco and beyond, and their customers seem to love it! Check out the reviews about our bags from random people around world. http://box.globein.com/shop/drawstring-backpack


If you have any ideas for products that you would like please comment below!!

We accept obscure ideas too..such as handloom underwear or socks..



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Pamela Guerin
Pamela Guerin

June 13, 2017

Love your products and will share to my global friends the free shipping

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