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All About ApiHappi

Give your home, a Much needed BOOST of Color! 

We believe that everyone deserves a home that represents their unique personality. However, this could be tough to accomplish with the amount of standard, mass produced furniture and interior products that don’t cater to your eclectic style. With the power of the internet and global shipping we can help you solve this problem!

Beyond its comfy appeal, our beanbags provide a rare element of design, texture, and colour that can really improve the overall look and feel of your interior. 

Yes, the practical features of our beanbag are useful, such as the upright seating design that is sturdy enough for you to eat soup, but its ability to upgrade the aesthetic of a room is much more powerful.


Super Comfy and Extra Strong - 

Our Handloomed cotton fabric from Sri Lanka, gives the soft comfort of 100% cotton while being very durable. For extra strength we have lined each bean bag with a layer of raw cotton so that our product can bare the wrath of cats, dogs, and humans!

Optimal Shape and Size 

Our versatile ergonomic shape is comfy enough for an adult to take a nap but also upright and sturdy enough for someone to sit up and eat soup! It's perfect for anyone between a baby and a large adult to sit comfortably but also compact enough to fit in studio apartments and cafes. (The dimensions of our stuffed bean bag is 1 metre [3.25 ft] tall at the point and 1 metre [3.25 ft] wide at the base)


Hassle-free Maintenance 

Our bean bags, when filled with regular polystyrene beads, are light enough for you to move them to your preferred comfy spot any time! 

Each beanbag comes with the cotton lined, handloom cotton outer cover with a large zip and a waterproof inner cover - with a small zip - to hold the stuffing. This makes it so easy to remove the handloom cover and pop it in the washing machine whenever necessary


A Vast Array of Color Combinations!  

Our handloom cotton comes in hundreds of colors and design varieties, which allows us to provide bean bags to suit all tastes and personalities.

Made with Love and Care. 

At ApiHappi we are against sweatshops! All our bean bags are made using a system of community sourced production, where we train women to work from home. This way they can earn an income while having control over their time and space. Please read our extended report towards the bottom of the page to learn more about Community Sourced Production and the positive impact it can have on the world! Featured in the picture below is Kalyani, a bean bag sewing extraordinaire, who also leads a stitching community in her home town of Panadura.   

Handweaving of cotton yarn and fabric has not been a new concept for Asia. Sri Lankan artisans have practicing this art for centuries and it has seen many ups and downs. The fabrics are produced in many weights and strengths making them suitable for everything between soft clothes, saris, toys, curtains and upholstery. Even though the softer ones are making its mark in the fashion industry, the stronger fabrics needed a little boost! 

And that’s where we come in. We use a community-sourced production method to produce our beanbags and other products using this strong handloomed cotton. This way, we can bring our locally handloomed cotton fabrics to the world while helping trained sewing ladies work from the comfort of their own homes while earning a good living. 

Meet Our Team:

Our Kickstarter Video from April 2019: 


Workshop Location :



UK Address:

107 Garrick Close, Ealing, London W5 1AT

Sri Lanka Address:

319 Nawala Road, Nawala. 10100

Co-Founders: Etosha Lankatilleke, Aparna Samarakoon

Company Director UK: Savithri Lankatilleke


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