The Doggy Bed (Large)

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Our doggy bed has become locally famous among dogs, cats, kids and adult humans!

Although we have offered small and extra large sizes previously, for now we will be offering the large size only. It is ideal for small and large dogs. Also we have double layered the inner cover to ensure your pups won't get through to the stuffing easily. 

Our dog beds have been battle tested for over 2 years by our friends who run a doggy hotel(Haven Dog Hotel).


  • Includes washable handloom outer cover and double layered waterproof inner cover.
  • Ships flatpack without filling. Bean Bag stuffing is usually available at any hardware store or Amazon in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.
  • Filling guide provided upon purchase.
  • Each doggy bed weighs approximately 1.5 kg unfilled (depending on the individual fabrics used) and 4.5 kg filled.
  • 41x32x6in when filled.
  • Free Global Shipping. 


Further Notes:

  1. Waterproof inner case. This allows you to take the handloom case off and toss it in the washing machine whenever you want. 
  2. Each individual order creates a major impact in our efforts to revitalize the handloom cotton industry and empower local artisans in the island of Sri Lanka. 

As mentioned in the blog post, color options will be offered after we get back to work.