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Bean Bag Cube


For our Made To Order products, color options will be sent after the purchase based on the fabrics we have available. 

Why Buy The Cube Bean Bag?

The bean bag cube has been a crowd favorite, ottoman style, seating option that we have previously made for cafes, hotels, and custom home orders. It is great for quick and casual seating as well as adding a pop of color to the room. Due to its size and lightweight feel, the cube bean bag can be a comfy addition for spaces large and small. As you can see in the pictures when they are not in use they could be stacked or placed around the room strategically. 

The Cube Bean Bag Essentials

  • Includes washable handloom outer cover and waterproof inner cover.
  • Ships flatpack without filling. Bean bag cube stuffing is usually available at any hardware store or Amazon in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.
  • A filling guide is provided upon purchase.
  • Each bean bag cube weighs approximately 0.5 kg (1.1 lb) unfilled (depending on the individual fabrics used) and 2 kg (4.4 lb) filled.
  • 18x18x18in when filled.
  • Free Global Shipping. 

Cube Bean Bag Notes

  1. The cube bean bag has a waterproof inner case. This allows you to take the handloom case off and toss it in the washing machine whenever you want. 
  2. Each cube bean bag you order creates a major impact in our efforts to revitalize the handloom cotton industry and empower local artisans in the island of Sri Lanka. 

Here's a fun little video from the first time we made a batch of cube bean bags!