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This is a pure handloom stringy bag that was designed and created by our very own Aparna. All our products are made in the island of Sri Lanka. Traditionally Stringy Bags are made with very cheap material by athletic companies. We decided to take a different approach. We discover and select the happiest colours available from local organic handloom producers. Each bag is carefully made with french seams to reduce fraying and decorated with contrast piping and strings to add that little extra spark. We hope our bright colors can bring a little creativity and inspiration into your day. 


Uses: Stringy Bags are great for trips to the beach, picnics, the gym, amusement parks..

You can even use a stringy bag to replace your backpack!

Size: A stringy bag is slightly smaller than a regular backpack. Scroll below for a picture of Aparna wearing the Bag.

Durability: Our Stringy Bag can carry up to 20kg(44lbs)..but we suggest travelling light because thats more fun. Due to the strength of the fabric 

it should last you a very long time without any tears. Feel free to throw it in the washing machine whenever it gets dirty, the colors wont run.

ShippingFree Global Shipping to all locations.



- School Children - For every item you purchase, ApiHappi provides a school-bag to a child in rural Sri Lanka. (See our School-Bag Program Details Below)

- Artisans, Handloomers - All ApiHappi purchases support the growth of individual handloomers and creative artisans in Sri Lanka.

Our goal is to provide fair wages, a steady income, and a creative outlet to all members of the apihappi community(Handloomers, Artisans, Designers, etc.).

-Eco Friendly - All the fabric we use has been created with 100% human energy using a traditional Handloom. 


Why You Need To Buy One!

-Its a rare item that you probably wont find anywhere else in the world..even with the internet.

-The fun colors will brighten up your day and make you appreciate the small happy things in life.

-Its fun to tell your friends, "hey, this girl all the way in Sri Lanka made an awesome stringy bag just for me!"

-It feels good to know that your money is going towards helping people who are really in need.

-Stringy Bags are just plain useful! there are so many situations that a stringy bag comes in handy, therefore it wont become one of those "dumb purchases" 

that end up sitting in your house and not being used forever. 


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