Greenie Meanie Handloom Bean Bag Chair

This is our super comfy handloom cotton bean bag chair. Unlike the regular polyester based bean bags ours embrace the softness of cotton and the incredible colour combinations that are woven in the traditional style of Sri Lankan Handloom. When designing the shape of the bean bag we were aiming at creating both a piece of art as well something functionally sound that is easy to sit on. 

The ApiHappi bean bag chair is about 1 meter long and about one meter wide. The Pyramid-like shape of the bean bag provides steady back support while allowing you to sit in a relaxed position. Please check out our instagram pictures below to see how it looks when someone is sitting on it. 

Other Notes:

1. Waterproof inner case. This allows you to take the handloom case off and toss it in the washing machine whenever you want. 

2. This handloom bean bag does NOT include stuffing. We will be sending just the handloom case and the inner case. Bean Bag stuffing is usually available at any hardware store in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. . For local orders (Sri Lanka) please contact us via email You will be provided with stuffing as well as local rates. 

3. All orders go towards our mission of revitalizing handloomed cotton, empowering local artisans, and providing backpacks for children in rural Sri Lanka with our one for one school bag program.


If you are in Sri Lanka, our local price is Rs.14,000, including Stuffing and Deliver. Please email us at to order.

Island-wide delivery is available.


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