Custom Printed Beanbag

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Our custom printed beanbags are the same shape and design as our original beanbags. The printed side of the beanbag is made of a thick polyester blended fabric which allows a high definition digital print. The base of the beanbag will remain handloom cotton. 

How it works:

- After making your purchase, we will email you with further details about the graphic for your beanbag.

- This usually involves the customer selecting a large high quality image or suggesting a theme for us to find an image. 

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

For product pictures we have used a few examples of printed beanbags we have done. 


  • Includes washable handloom outer cover and waterproof inner cover.
  • Ships flatpack without filling. Bean Bag stuffing is usually available at any hardware store or Amazon in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.
  • Filling guide provided upon purchase.
  • Each bean bag weighs approximately 1.5 kg unfilled (depending on the individual fabrics used) and 4.5 kg filled.
  • 39x39x39in when filled.
  • Free Global Shipping. Guaranteed delivery within 2 weeks.

Further Notes:

  1. Waterproof inner case. This allows you to take the handloom case off and toss it in the washing machine whenever you want. 
  2. Each individual order creates a major impact in our efforts to revitalize the handloom cotton industry and empower local artisans in the island of Sri Lanka.