ReBoom the Handloom

Reboom The Handloom is a charity system that uses the hidden art of handloom to provide women in Sri Lanka with the opportunity to become creative entrepreneurs.
In 2009 the Civil War in Sri Lanka came to end. 26 years of conflict has left Sri Lanka with over 1,000 widows. Many of these have additionally lost their homes and their opportunities of employment.
This is where we want to step in. Our program is created to give the effected women opportunities to learn how to sew and handloom.
By teaching how to weave and sew we are not only giving participants a steady income. We are also giving them a creative outlet. Which we believe is essential to living a happy life. 
How does it work?
Reboom the Handloom is going to be an exciting journey full of challenges and surprises.
A portion of every purchase made on goes to funding the specific project we are working on.
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