Follow Your Dollar Challenge

We believe that your dollar goes a long way.

The problem is that most of the time your dollars might be going a long way in the wrong direction.


When you purchase a product you are not simply trading money for goods. 

You are supporting a set of values that affect the entire world...for better or for worse.

Many of us are unknowingly supporting large companies that don't really care about

the wellbeing of humans, animals, and the planet that we live in. 


For example if you own a i-phone or any product made by Apple there is a high chance

you are funding an operation that mistreats thousands of chinese workers every year.

Just search "Foxconn Factory" in Google. Apple is only one example. Foxconn also makes products for HP and other companies. 


Another great example is the food industry. If you have ever eaten meat in the United States of America then

you should really check out the documentary Food Inc. This film will show you where your meat really comes from. is quite graphic and might just make you a vegetarian.


The list of inhumane companies can go on and on but thats not the point.

The point is that you can decide who you want to support.

Your Dollars Count!


The Challenge -

Look at your favorite possesions and favorite food, then try and figure out where they actually come from.

Follow your dollar all the way to the end to see what values you are supporting. This can be done with some

simple google searching and the results could be eye-opening.


If you want to take it a step many products do you own where you can name the person who created it? 


The point of this challenge is not to make you a perfect spender but to make you conscious of where your money is actually going.


If you end up discovering something incredible or you just have some comments and ideas. Email us



In case you were wondering...

This is what happens when you make a purchase at ApiHappi.


Your dollar goes in three different directions:

1.Sri Lankan Handloomers: We buy our raw material from local handloomers who prepare each yard of fabric as their own colorful gift to the world. Handloomers in Sri Lanka generally living in rural, poverty stricken areas, therefore ever dollar counts towards creating better lives for them and their children.  


2.Cohado: Out of every purchase we put a side a portion of our profits to strengthen the connection between ApiHappi and the Cohado Foundation. The Cohado Foundation supports aspiring entrepreneurs in the City of Baltimore, Md, USA. This east west connection will allow us to bring together the handloomers of Sri Lanka with the innovative entrepreneurs of Baltimore, creating new opportunities for both parties.  Cohado is a principle of community score over individual score. 


3.Aparna and Etosha: Thats us! The rest of the money will end up in our that we can feed our cats and dogs, explore the world a bit, buy wooden carvings of Komodo Dragons..and most of all we can spend our money on producing more creative products and ideas, such as expandable clothes, smart-casual sarongs, virtual weaving, etc..