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Custom Creations are for people who want one of a kind products.

How does it work?

1.fill out the simple form below and tell what product you would like, color, and how much you would like to pay for it. You may also send us a picture of an existing product and we can recreate it in handloom.

2.After you submit the form our team will get together, brainstorm about your product, and get back to you asap.

3.Then we will send you a secure payment page, once you fill that out, we will create your product and mail it directly to you.


1.Have no idea how much the product is worth?

- Just send us your budget and we will see if we can work it out.

2.interested in a product but not sure what it will look like? 

Email us at and we can send you a sketch of the product or an image of one we have already created.

3.Need to buy someone a gift but you not sure what to get?

-Simple! Email us at with the details of the person who needs the gift and their relationship to you. We will sit down and brainstorm 

unique gift ideas for your specific occcasion. Then we will send you a list of ideas and how much they would cost.

4.What about shipping?

-We have a flat $10 shipping fee since we are all the way in Sri Lanka. This will be added to your suggested price amount.

For the Order Form click here.


Product Ideas:

You may also send us a picture of a product you like and we can create in Handloom Material.


Tote Bags, Backpacks , Fannypacks, Sling Bags, Simple Handbags, Snack Pack,Carry All Bag, Diaper Bag, Laptop Bag


Toiletry Pouch, Simple Make-up Bag, Coin Pocket, Pencil Pouch, Phone Case, Camera Bag  


Cushion Covers, Kitchen Mitts, Tea Cozies, Aprons, Table Mats, Table Cloths