Our Peeps


Aparna Samarakoon, Co-Founder, Designer, Goofball


- Cant live without cats!

- Clumsy, Forgetful, rage(slight)

- Loves Baking

- Hopeless Romantic

- Lights up the room with her smile

read full bio below!


Etosha Lankatilleke, Co-Founder, Thinker,  


- Comes up with many ides..some are decent

- Self-Deported from US to Sri Lanka

- Named after Etosha Park

- Thinks earth might be flat

- Aparna's tamer


Aparna's Full Bio!

Having graduated as a fashion designer, I stepped out starry eyed imagining various possibilities and a dazzling life.. But after working in 3 companies I found my mind craving to explore new things. I realized I want to be happy with my own work, even if it is a risk. I wanted to leave everything that's stressful about working for someone else and let my creativity run free! 

I didn't want to limit my love of design and sewing, just for clothes, I wanted to do many things... Etosha made me believe in my little dreams and ideas that nag me on sleepless nights and helped me make sense of them.

This is my simple happiness project. This is what added colors to my grey and beige life.. And this lets the hopeless romantic in me, be giggly with love and pass a little bit of it to each and every one of you…

Cherish the simple pleasures of your life.. Be happy