Beanbag Futures - Rolling with The Punches!

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Hello Family and Friends!

We hope everyone is keeping safe during these difficult times.

For the first time in ApiHappi history, we will be offering a store-wide discount as a way for us to raise money in a time while all business is shut down.

We are calling it our Beanbag Futures Program!

Basically this means you can pre-order anything from our online store for 25% off the retail price, and then once our regular business activities resume, we can ship off your goods. 

For 25% OFF enter the discount code, WASHYOURHANDS at checkout.

(Haha, this is not a joke, the code is real!)


Who will this impact?

In short: Our employees, our cats, dogs, fish, and founders...but more importantly the weavers of Sri Lanka's Handloom industry. 

Thanks to our great customers and retailers around the world, we were lucky enough to have had enough sales during February to last us to this point. Although we are able to sustain ourselves and our permanent employees, our greatest fear is the livelihoods of the weavers that we purchase from. 

The handloom companies we purchase from, are small businesses who are responsible for many weaving families across the country. Due to the economic downturn we feel as though they will be hit the hardest. 

From the inception of ApiHappi, our main purpose was to support handloom cotton weavers of Sri Lanka, by creating products using their fabric, that can be sold globally. Generally, we purchase over 200 meters (over 2 football fields!) of handloom cotton and bulks of other accessories and lining fabric per month. With our Beanbag Futures Program, our aim is to keep this momentum going so that once business resumes, we can hit the ground running, giving a much needed boost to our weavers and other suppliers. 


For the Beanbag Futures Program we will be offering a selection of additional products which are usually only available as custom orders. 

1. The Original ApiHappi Beanbag - Retails at $140 / Discounted price $105

We still have over 50 Color Combos available online! 

2. The Custom Printed Beanbag - Retails at $150 / Discounted price $112.50

Print absolutely anything on our beanbag!

3. The Cube - Retails at $100 / Discounted price $75

The cube has been a crowd favorite, ottoman style, seating option that we have previously made for cafes, hotels, and custom home orders. It is great for quick and casual seating as well as adding a pop of colour to the room. We are also proud to say it is even the featured seating option at The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Sri Lanka.

3. The Doggy Bed - Retails at $110 / Discounted price $82.50

Our doggy bed has become locally famous among dogs, cats, kids and adult humans!

4. Stringy Bags - Retails at $30 / Discounted price $22.50

The stringy bag was our first product as ApiHappi. Due to popular demand we are in the process of bringing it back to life.


4. Gift Cards - Get gift cards at 25% off!




Please Note: Color options for all products other than the original beanbag will be offered after we get back to work. 

Also don't forget, free global shipping is included on all products. 

We will not be posting this promotion on our social media because we believe that locally, there are many immediate causes that need that space. However, feel free to share this link with your family, friends, and colleagues. 

If you or someone you know has a small business that is making a similar effort during this time please let us know so that we can share and contribute to the best of our capabilities. 

We hope you all have a comfy and cozy day... 

Love, Eto and Aparna

P.S. Here are a bunch of pet pictures from our time on lockdown to ease your mind. 



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